Don’t Kick the Baby!

This next story is a lurid tale of sock and awe.

A Georgia police officer, Jerad Wheeler is under scrutiny for kicking a 9 month pregnant woman in the stomach.

The victim, Raven Dozier received a boot to her stomach so hard that she had to have an emergency c-section 2 weeks after the incident. Doctors say that her unborn son had defecated in the womb. Wheeler literally kicked the shit out of an unborn child.

Wheeler gave Raven a “front push-kick to the abdomen” because she was “moving aggressively.” Adding insult to injury the officer charged Raven with obstruction of justice then he hauled her battered body to county jail. Fortunately those charges have been dropped.

The incident took place last December. Wheeler had responded to a domestic dispute at Raven’s home. Her brother, Darius Usher was having a dispute with her mother. When wheeler arrived on the scene he tasered Usher which caused Raven to cry out and question the officer’s tactics. According to Raven “I think he really just didn’t want me asking him any questions, questioning him, and when I did question him is when he kicked me.”

Wheeler claims that he did not know that Raven was pregnant and that he acted as he was instructed at the academy. Apparently his superiors at the department are OK with this as well. When Raven filed a report with internal affairs she was brushed off as if Wheeler was in the right.

Fortunately Raven has decided to file a lawsuit against the department. Her attorney Mark Bullman said “What kind of a human being kicks a pregnant woman? I mean, forget whether or not it is a police officer that is supposedly protecting people.” Bullman went on to say “This officer is just another loose cannon, and I don’t know how a 180-pound pregnant woman comes at you aggressively.”

Wheeler has had two previous complaints for excessive use of force one of which involves him shooting a family dog after he showed up at the wrong address. The dog was leashed and in the garage. During the other incident he assaulted a 53 year old woman at a traffic stop. The officer was exonerated for both incidents.

Wheeler’s facebook page which has since been taken down lists his activities:  grappling, training, weight lifting and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The page also quoted wheeler stating Weapons give me a semi.”


One Response to Don’t Kick the Baby!

  1. saysomething says:

    Thanks for your post on Raven Dozier.

    Have you seen this Police forum?

    The large graphic with “cunt punt” is enough to show these “officers” need to go.

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