Whats so civil about war anyway?

Megaupload and the SOPA scare are a virtual 911 for the internet community.  This is Pearl Harbor for all freethinkers on the net.

In my previous article MegaUpYours I had stated “SOPA and PIPA be damned.  It looks like Uncle Sam is going to do whatever he wants regardless of the law.  Enjoy a free internet while you can because it’s days are numbered.”

The Megaupload debacle has far reaching implications that extend beyond cyberspace. Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown had this to say regarding the raid “In the very near future… there will be a number of other groups that will pop up using more military methods, and the situation will get worse and the things will escalate until such point as inevitable civil war in the US occurs.”

Brown went on to criticize the raid and the government’s heavy handed tactics stating “This raid on Megaupload shows that even without SOPA already in place, here they are already arresting the owners of Megaupload and shutting it down.”

I say civil war indeed.  The Occupy protests have shown us that the authorities are content to silence dissent instead of correcting the problems that they cause. The framers of the constitution must be spinning around in their graves.

It is clear to this blogger that Uncle Sam is no longer looking out for the interests of his people.  Thankfully we have groups like Anonymous to keep him on his toes.  If anyone can prevent the breaking of the internet it is them.


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