The real O.C.

On Tuesday, February 7th in the wee hours of the morning an Orange County deputy fatally shot Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.  Loggins was unarmed, sober, and had a stellar reputation in the community.

Few details have been released by the authorities and the slaying remains shrouded in mystery.  Loggins was shot in his vehicle while his young daughters (9 and 14) were with him.  According to police spokesman, Jim Amormino “The real threat that was perceived was the safety of the children.”

Jim Amormino’s statement is full of things that piss me off!  Speaking from a position of common sense it’s obvious that firing bullets into a vehicle containing children is the worst thing you can do to ensure their safety.  I’m going to repeat that.  Discharging firearms in the direction of the children will not keep them safe.

I’m going to have to call bullshit on Amormino.  The excerpt posted below was taken directly from the La Times.

Amormino said he did not know why the deputy felt threatened, or how many shots were fired, or whether Loggins was armed. Marine sources said Loggins was not in possession of a weapon.

Clearly Amormino is clueless and has no idea what he’s talking about.

Sgt. Loggins was stationed at Camp Pendleton and was under the command of Major Christopher Cox.  Unlike Amormino Cox has a firm grasp on reality.  According to Cox Loggins was an asset to the Marines.  Major Cox went on record stating “He (Sgt. Loggins) was a mentor, somewhat of a father figure, to a number of the Marines. He was very soft-spoken, very nonconfrontational — very, very respectful. He was just the epitome of respect.”

Making matters worse Loggins’ wife is pregnant and her unborn child will come into this world never knowing it’s father.  How does the O.C. Sheriff’s department feel about all of this?  They think it’s business as usual.  Apparently the authorities in California think it’s time to bring back the Rodney King era run ‘n’ gun/skull cracking police tactics.

The union representing the unnamed deputy says that the killing was justified and they place the blame squarely on Loggins’ dead shoulders.  Union President, Tom Dominguez said “The actions of our deputy clearly prevented serious harm from coming to Loggins’ two children.”  In other words Dominguez thinks that seeing their father shot to death will bring no harm to Loggins’ children.  Aaron Banks who served with Loggins had this to say regarding the fatal shooting “Of course they’re going to blame him for his death — why would they admit to murder? I believe they’re saying what needs to be said to cover their deputy.”


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