Give me convenience or give me death.

On several different occasions I have praised the Norfolk Police for protecting the people’s right to protest.  Like a scorned lover I thought they were different.

Last week on November 10th, the NPD arrested 6 people on obstruction of justice charges.  Their crime was exercising their First Amendment rights.  If you ask me anyone arresting peaceful protesters are guilty of obstructing justice.  Just following orders is not an excuse to make an unlawful arrest.

According to Occupy Norfolk organizers city officials had been renewing the protester’s permit to camp out at the Norfolk Commerce Center on a weekly basis.  The camp had been open for over a month and one morning the permit was rescinded without warning.

According to local protesters and the local media, police raided the camp at dawn in full riot gear.  The city deemed it necessary to send a squad of shock troopers to quell a peaceful protest consisting of a handful of campers.

Our fair city has decided that it is no longer convenient to have protesters in the heart of downtown.  Once again bankesters and other looters of our economy are free to eat their expensive lunches in the people’s park.

City officials had sighted sanitation as a prime concern for the eviction.  This writer has spent some time at the encampment and I can assure you that it was clean.

The city had also raised concerns that the citizens of Norfolk were unable to enjoy the Commercial Plaza.  Every time I was down there I could hear random passersby making comments commiserate with the Occupation Movement.

The truth of the matter is that our city is resorting to tyrannical oppression and police intimidation.  The people of Hampton Roads know something is amiss with our economy and our government.  The people want this protest.

I fear that recent events in Oakland and other Occupy Movements across the country have emboldened local officials.  They view the protesters as the flotsam and jetsam of society when in fact the protesters are the 99%, and the bulk of society.


3 Responses to Give me convenience or give me death.

  1. Aradia says:

    The only people that were not able to “enjoy the park” due to the encampment were the ones that were told that if they took their lunches in the park they would be fired and that their bosses would be monitoring the park from the windows above.

  2. Sucka says:

    First of all, you should not believe everything you read or hear, specially from the people that got removed from the park. It was at 6am when they were told that the permit was expiring at 9am. They already knew the expiration date of the permit, since they have a copy of it. They were given three hours to remove the tents and vacate the park. How long does it take you to remove a tent? 10 minutes tops. The police showed up at 9am as previously warned. The officers with riot gear where wearing it for their own protection, I don’t know about you but if I am going to be the catcher for someone pitching a ball, I will wear protection. Better to have to much than not enough. The people were not arrested for exercising their 1st amendment rights, they were arrested for crossing the police line, after several warnings. They had no intentions to remove the tents. Also, camping is not on the constitution. Read it!!!!

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