Could 2012 really be the end?

In the immortal words of Dani Filth “This is the end of everything.” The 2012 presidential election is like a dark cloud hanging over us. At any moment we know that we will need to pick between eating shit or getting punched in the balls.  Much like every other election held in my lifetime people have the choice to pick between the lesser of two evils.

We all know what we will get if we cast our vote for Obama.  As I stated in my article The Return of the Rock N Roll Politico

“We are still stuck between Iraq and a hard place.  The Obama administration appears to be a continuation of the Lil Bush Regime.

According to Goldman Sachs contributed $1,013,091 to the Obama campaign and $394,600 to the 04 Bush campaign.  In addition Morgan Stanley contributed $512,233 to Oboma and $603,480 to Bush.  Citigroup also joined the foray by contributing $736,771 to Obama and $320,820 to Bush.”

If you don’t want another four years of the same old same old you will need to look to the Republican party. Traditionally I am not a Republican and for good reason. The GOP presidential candidates are a whos who of charlatans and failures. Let’s take a look at these unlovable losers.

What can I say about Rick Perry? This man is either incredibly insensitive or just plain stupid. This guy actually hung out at a place called the Niggerhead Ranch. Apparently he went there on a hunting trip. I wonder what he was hunting.

Rick Santorum isn’t much better.  The man is a traditional gay basher If I ever heard one. During a 2003 AP interview he had this to say regarding homosexuality and sodomy laws “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything.” This thinly veiled homophobia has no place in modern society.

Mitt Romney takes the cake when it comes to audacity.  Last June I wrote an article called Romney Unemployed. Posted below is an excerpt from that article.

During a Tampa, FL campaign stop, GOP presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney was quoted as saying “I should tell my story, I’m also unemployed.”  Much like the unemployed group he was speaking to Romney does not have a job, however he is independently wealthy.  I find it in poor taste for a man worth $200 million dollars to compare himself to unemployed citizens.

Romney’s jobs record is a sick joke.  When he was governor of Massachusetts his state placed 47th out of 50 for job growth.

Mitt Romney has another strike against him. He is a Mormon after all. Personally I think all religions are silly superstitious nonsense. My hero Bill Maher put it like this

“The Scientologists and the Mormons I think should merge. Call it ’Mormontology.’ But they’re just funnier because they’re newer…If you didn’t know the first thing about Christianity and somebody told you, for the first time, this story that God is all powerful, better than us in any way. But he has a son. He’s a single parent. And he tells the son, ’Son, you’re going on a suicide mission down to Earth. Don’t worry. They can’t kill you because you’re really me. so here’s the plan. I, God the Father, wink wink, I’ll come down to Earth first. Easy because we’re two people. God the Father, God the son.. And I’ll see if I can’t find a Palestinian woman to impregnate so she can give birth to you. I mean ME. Oh, you know what I mean!’ The silliest story I’ve ever heard.”

I grew up in the 90s when Monica’s blue dress was all the rage. During that time I remember hating Newt Gingrich to the level of intoxication. I just remember thinking that he was a huge asshole. Here is a man who went after Clinton for cheating on his wife when he was the most unfaithful politician on Capitol Hill. According to his Ex wife Marianne Gingrich Newt wanted an “open marriage” so he could pursue a dirty affair with congressional aide Callista Bisek who is now his third wife. Throughout the 90s Newt was well known for giving speeches about the importance of family values.  All the while he was nothing more than a petty philanderer.

In summation it would appear that all hope is lost, however there is a silver lining to the dark cloud that hangs over us. That glimmer of hope is Ron Paul. My sister who is a lifelong Democrat put it like this. “I saw Ron Paul on TV today and he was making a lot of sense.” Keep in mind that this comes from the lips of a former staffer for the now deceased Democratic Congressman Owen Picket.

I can only hope and pray that Ron Paul secures the GOP presidential nomination. To quote Bill Maher Again “I’d vote for Ron Paul.” In my previous article Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 I covered the fact that Barney Frank and Ron Paul had co authored a bill which would have federally decriminalized marijuana. Posted below is an excerpt from that article.

Representatives Barney Frank and Ron Paul introduced bill HR 2306, or “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011″.  To quote Bill Maher “In these hyper partisan times this issue was able to unite a flaming liberal from Massachusetts and a crazy Republican right-winger from Texas. Oh marijuana, is there anything you can’t do?”

S.C. Senator Tom Davis has also voiced support for Ron Paul stating “I’m endorsing Ron Paul because enough is enough. Despite this wave of unprecedented government spending, our unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent for the last 34 months and 146.4 million Americans – one out of every two people in this country – are now classified as poor or low-income.”

I cannot say that I agree with Ron Paul on all of the issues. It is no secret that this blogger is pro union. I am also coming out and stating that I am and always will be pro choice. Having said that I still beleive that out of all the 2012 presidential candidates that Ron Paul just makes the most sense.

Even though we don’t see eye to eye on every issue I’m looking at the big picture. No one is perfect and that includes Ron Paul, however the man is a conservative in the classical sense. He represents a party that used to beleive in fiscal conservatism and limited government. The GOP is supposed to be the party that wont waste all of the money and wont pry into your personal affairs. I beleive that Ron Paul could restore those classic values if he were to be elected president.


2 Responses to Could 2012 really be the end?

  1. Jordan says:

    The only glimmer is Ron Paul. Unfortonately its only a glimmer.

  2. The prospects for the 2012 election are grim. I will be in Charlotte for the DNC. I plan on carrying a placard and protesting.

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