Organized Crime by the Usual Suspects

These gangsters, I mean banksters must be stopped.  Skank of America, JPWhoring Chase, Shittygroup, Wells Fucko and Ally Financial appear to be reaching a settlement with Uncle Sam which will allow them to get away with illegal foreclosure practices.

The above mentioned banks have been embroiled in the robo-signing scandal for over a year.  Allegedly these financial institutions falsified affidavits by approving foreclosures without proper review.  Meanwhile hard working Americans have been put out on the street illegally.

The Nation describes robo-signing this way “Robo-signing is when banks use fake signatures, or stipulate to documents they hadn’t read or that didn’t exist, in order to foreclose on a home.”

As I have written about  in my articles Police gone wild, Rampant Police Misconduct, New York cops behaving badly, NYPD Public Enemy #1 and CMPD aka Charlotte’s secret police the authorities have been heavy handed when it comes to policing their citizens. This begs the question; what are they doing to police these white collar criminals?  Sadly the answer is little to nothing.

According to the Huffington Post “The proposed deal would give mortgage companies a pass on instances of illegal foreclosure practices.”  Basically the government is allowing these illegal foreclosures to stand and no one is going to jail for their crimes.

Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx has come out asking why people love bashing banks so much.  He stated “I have no idea what possesses people to bash the industry in such a way.”  These banks are breaking the law and getting away with it.  Of course people are upset.  Foxx went on to say “People who live in this community (Charlotte) know how generous our financial institutions have been.” I want to see the mayor tell that to the Charlotte residents who have had their homes foreclosed illegally.

As a proponent of social justice I want these bankster criminals in prison where they belong. I will continue to bash them mercilessly until justice is served.  In fact they aren’t gangsters or banksters anymore they are what I like to call skanksters.


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