Duke of Hurl

Today demonstrators marched on the Duke Energy shareholders meeting. There were about 50 people at the protest. They chided the energy company chanting “Dirty coal has got to go”.

Many of the denizens of Charlotte take issue with Duke Energy because of their widespread use of coal-fired electric power plants. In the article Mayday Mayday Mayday I sited two organizations that criticize the use of coal.

According to the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Duke Energy has seven coal-fired electric power plants in North Carolina. Burning coal has enormous environmental impacts. The Union of Concerned Scientists have also come out against the use of coal.

I spoke to demonstrators earlier this week who claim that coal plants emit the same co2 as a million cars. Sourcewatch.org is in agreement with the demonstrators stating

Coal-fired power plants are responsible for one-third of America’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions—about the same amount as all transportation sources — cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, planes, ships, and trains — combined.

According to my partner and camera-woman Cannie Osborne

There seems to be a real reason for concern (about the burning of fossil fuels) since there is an agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions called the Kyoto Protocol. The United States refuses to sign the agreement because of political issues that have controversial ways of calculating the greenhouse gases that each country contributes. The United States should not think that it is not our problem. We are one world and share the same air.

Although the city of Charlotte declared the meeting an extraordinary event no arrest were made. One poster on Occupy Charlotte’s Facebook page joked that it was an ordinary event.

Southern charm is alive and well in the city of Charlotte. Demonstrators are committed to non violent resistance. The Charlotte observer spoke with the field organizer for the N.C. Coalition Against Corporate Power, Roxana Bendezu who said “Our events are going to be very peaceful. We just want a real good visual of people raising their voices.”

It would seem that for now the CMPD is also avoiding violence against protesters. In my experience the CMPD is nothing like the NYPD. I suspect that the DHS encouraged the CMPD to evict Occupy Charlotte, but I do not believe that the Charlotte police want to be known as uniformed thugs and as such they are avoiding negative publicity.


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