Occupy Norfolk

September 29, 2011

Welcome to Norfolk Virginia.  We may not have Susan Sarandon or Michael Moore stopping by, but the people of our fair city are planning to Occupy Norfolk in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together.

The following text is taken directly from Occupy Norfolk literature.

Occupy Norfolk is a peaceful and non-violent movement that seeks to link itself to protesters on Wall Street and other major American cities.  99% of America regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ability or any other qualifier, could benefit from a better deal.

A deal that includes reform of the financial sector, ending corporate greed, mismanagement, and corruption.

A deal that includes an end to foreign occupations and American imperialism.

A deal that puts jobs back in the hands of everyday people and secures their homes.  Not one that saves CEOs and bankers from their own problems.

A deal that takes money out of the political system and ensures that Americans elect their own representatives, and that these representatives are held accountable and enact real, substantive, and lasting change.

Last night I was in attendance for a planning session.  As I looked around the room I could see the faces and hear the voices of a displaced generation.  Their eyes told the whole story.  They are all yearning for something more.  They want the American Dream that they were promised.

We are dealing with a generation that has seen the cost of college tuition rise 439% over the last 30 years.  They went to school and worked hard.  Now that they are finished all society has to offer them are low paying service jobs and their old room at their parents house.

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the movement’s local leaders James McPherson.  When I asked him why he wanted to protest in Norfolk, Virginia he replied “I’ve been interested in politics for a long time, but I’ve been apathetic.  The Wall Street protests have inspired me to take action.  I couldn’t get out New York City so I thought why not bring the protest to us?”

James is another example of a decent and hard working American who needs two jobs just to make ends meet. He may be too busy to travel but he is sacrificing what little free time he has to make a difference.

At some point the subject of Anthony Bologna came up.  James and I both had the same thing to say “Fuck him!”  Although Bologna is a despicable coward he has certainly galvanized the public against the brutal suppression of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

We went on to discuss whether or not our current system is redeemable.  James had this to say “It needs major changes but we can do something within the system.  We could break Goldman Sachs up into smaller companies and have more transparency.  He went on to say “In 05 and 06 we had a major housing boom based on overvalued properties. They flooded the market with risky and bad mortgages.  They were not out in the open and traded in secrecy.  There has to be transparency.”

Over the past several days I have seen Occupy Norfolk grow exponentially.  The movement is still in it’s infancy however the Facebook Group Occupy Norfolk has doubled in size going from 500 members to over 1000 in one day.  They plan on marching October 6th.  Where will you be that day?  If you are one of the 99% and live in the Hampton Road area I urge you to join us.


Fried Bologna

September 27, 2011

Yesterday in the post I loved you in Wall Street I covered a heinous crime committed by my favorite NYPD employee Anthony Bologna.  Recently some very interesting information has come to my attention, and I want to share it with the rest of you.

The text posted below was provided by the group Anonymous.  The original post can be found at http://pastebin.com/nC4f5uca

As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barberically pepper spray wildly into the group of kettled women.  We were shocked and disgusted by your behavior.  You know who the innocent women were, now they will have the chance to know who you are.  Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!


Anthony Bologna D0x
NYPD Deputy Inspector
Patrol Boro Manhattan South – 212-477-6181

-WAS Commanding Officer of the First Precinct for the past 5 years

-Possible phone number: (518) 989-9051

———————-Reason for D0x’ing



Anthony Linda Bologna
Anthony V Bologna
Anthony Jennings Bologna
Linda S Bologna (family)
Dana M Bologna (family)
Jenna Angelina Bologna (family)
J Bologna (family)
Angelina Bologna (family)
Joanne A Bologna (family)
Anthony C Bologna (family)


St. Paul’s High School (1970-1974)

———————-Last Known Addresses

5 Sawyer Ave, Unit A, Staten Island, NY, US
119 Slater Blvd, Staten Island, NY, US
5 Sawyer Ave, Staten Island, NY, US
1309 Lake Ave, Metairie, LA, US
Jennings Hill Rd, West Kill, NY, US
Catskill, NY, US
Lexington, NY, US
New York, NY, US
5314 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US
236 E Gibson St, Covington, LA, US
134 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA, US
22072 8th St, Abita Springs, LA, US
6 Saint Jean De Luz, Mandeville, LA, US
1000 53rd St, Brooklyn, NY, US
1224 Lake Ave, Apt 205, Metairie, LA, US
10122 Lakewood St, New Orleans, LA, US
24 Claudia Dr, Covington, LA, US
6906 13th Ave, Unit 2f, Brooklyn, NY, US

—————————Legal Trouble

Plaintiff:    Posr A. Posr
Defendants:    Tulio Camejo, Anthony Bologna, Michael R. Bloomberg, Raymond W. Kelly, Joseph J. Esposito, The City of New York and Connie Fishman

Case Number:    1:2007cv07583
Filed:    August 27, 2007

Court:    New York Southern District Court
Office:    Foley Square Office
County:    NewYork
Presiding Judge:    Judge P. Kevin Castel

Nature of Suit:    Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause:    42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Jurisdiction:    Federal Question
Jury Demanded By:    Plaintiff

——————————-Until Next Time Folks…

I love what Anonymous is doing.  Who watches the watchmen?  Anonymous that’s who.  In our hour of need they have delivered this vital information.

Personally I take great offense to women being brutalized.  Anthony Bologna must be held accountable for his crimes.

Jeanne Mansfield is the brave soul who shot this video.  She was also wrote an article detailing the ordeal for the Boston Review.  Posted below is an excerpt from that article.

At this point, the crowd of twenty or so caught in the orange fence is shouting “Shame! Shame! Who are you protecting?! YOU are the 99 percent! You’re fighting your own people!” A white-shirt, now known to be NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, comes from the left, walks straight up to the three young girls at the front of the crowd, and pepper-sprays them in the face for a few seconds, continuing as they scream “No! Why are you doing that?!”

One of Bologna’s victims Chelsea Elliott tells her side of the story here.

Elliot’s example is inspirational.  Her bravery is only matched by Bologna’s cowardice.

Occupy Wall Street’s demands are now my own.  The following text is taken directly from the site occupywallst.org

His name is Anthony Bologna. We demand that he is charged for his crimes. We demand that he receives jail time.

We demand that Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly resigns. Not only can he not control his most senior officers, he is involved in actively sheltering them from receiving any punishment.

We demand that Mayor Michael Bloomberg address our General Assembly and apologize for the police brutality and the cover-up that followed.

Please call:
Mayor Bloomberg: +1 (212) 639-9675 or +1 (212) 788-2958 Deputy Commissioner of Public Information: +1 (646) 610-6700
NYPD Switchboard: +1 (646) 610-5000
First precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611

What the NYPD is doing is evil and it must be stopped.  They are merely armed thugs.

This country doesn’t belong to Wall Street.  America will always belong to the people.  It is time for us to stand up and demand our slice of the pie.

I loved you in Wall Street.

September 26, 2011

Where is the true seat of power in this country?  Is it in Washington DC, or is it in Wall Street?

I think Gordon Gekko summed it up best when he said “The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars (1987). One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it.”

It’s true that the banksters have all the money.  They have so much money that they have purchased the NYPD and turned them into ruthless oppressors and common thugs.

The video posted below is a disgrace.  Where I come from only a coward hurts women.

Here are two more videos I found at occupywallst.org

SHAME SHAME SHAME is right.  When the police were tired of people calling it like it is they viciously attacked the protestors without provocation.

My hat goes off to occupywallst.org they have released the name of fascist who sprayed these innocent protestors.  His name is Antony Bologna.

According to a report at davidscameracraft.blogspot.com “The protesters were marching back to Zuccotti Park when the NYPD turned violent. Hitting, arresting and forcing protesters into a small area. At that point a NYPD supervisor yelled shut up to one of the protesters and shot pepper spray into her eyes point blank range and hitting a half dozen protesters (including 3 police officers) when they had nowhere to go. The same supervising officer was seen (photographed) laughing after the arrests while looking at his text messages.”

Antony Bologna is a fascist and a sadist.  The only good thing to come out of this is that he sprayed three of his own men.  Now that’s what I call instant karma.

We should not rely on Karma alone to dispense justice.  I am calling on NYPD Internal Affairs to do their job and investigate this crime.  They can be contacted at (212) 741-8401.

occupywallst.org  is calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.  They are also demanding that Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicly apologize for police brutality and cover ups.

I think both of these men should be ashamed of themselves.  If it were up to me both of them would be fired today and Antony Bologna would be arrested for assault.

It’s no coincidence that a fat cat like Bloomberg would preside over brutally suppressing a Wall Street protest.  It’s also predictable that there has been a media blackout on these protests.  The same people being protested own the so called mainstream media.

Fortunately the ACLU has come out against this oppression.  They have released Know Your Rights: Demonstrating in New York City and What To Do If You’re Stopped By The Police  They also have released this article NYCLU on the Scene at Wall Street Protests which contains the following advice:

You have a right to stand or march on sidewalks without a permit.

You may photograph or video the cops, but do not interfere with police action.

Remember officers’ badge numbers, names and physical descriptions.

File complaints about misconduct by calling 311.

If you march in the street without a permit, you risk arrest.

If ordered to disperse, do so unless you want to be arrested.

When I see the real silent majority come together and protest I am proud to be an American.  These brave souls are fighting for equality at great personal risk.  They are all heroes and deserve a heroes welcome not mace and jackboots.

Make no bones about it.  This is all out class warfare and we the people are under attack.  We cannot let these crooks think tyranny is business as usual.  Let’s take the fight to the enemy!


September 23, 2011

I ran across this yesterday and was so upset by it that I decided it needed to be posted. The report below outlines a serious oversight by the MPD sexual assault unit. This is a clear cut case of the authorities ignoring the cries of the innocent in order to protect their own reputations.

For their protection the identity of the author has been concealed. It is their wish and my own that this report helps someone somewhere.

Every hour in the United States, 28 acts of rape are committed.

(Rennison, Callie. (February 2003). Intimate Partner Violence, 1993-2001. Washington, DC. Bureau of Justice Statistics.)

I know, because I am one of the 28. I was kidnapped and raped in DC this year. Yet because of my horrendous treatment by the officers of the MPD sexual assault unit- I had to file a complaint which is currently still ‘under investigation’-or, in all reality- in essence, nothing has been done.

Of these 28, 60% will never be reported to police*

Now I am a victim caught in the DC ‘system’: which has failed me. The question is – just how many more women have been affected? When will this change? And WHEN will women be taken seriously?

15 out of 16 of these rapists, will never spend a day in jail.*

In 2010, the D.C. media did a tremendous job of fact-checking D.C. police on its sexual assault stats. Currently the Metropolitan Police is being investigated by a Human Rights Organization because of the numbers: the numbers simply aren’t adding up- and haven’t for a few years. In July 2010, Mark Segraves reported that sexual assault reports in some parts of the District had risen as much as 300 percent over the past year- and that was 2010. In a year-end report the Washington Examiner found that serious sexual assault reports jumped 50 percentDistrict-wide. Police have used various arguments to deflect these numbers, but arguments are simply not enough. Since 2010, the numbers have increased-fact: but yet some reports or accounts are not even being researched, but closed as “conscentual sex” or various other reasons. The last found statistics online on DC rape were published by the FBI .Out of a population in 2009 of 599, 657 people, there were ONLY 150 reported rapes**. 150. Clearly, the numbers are shockingly and amazing LOW. At last report- they have increased- but they are still amazing low. According to the Washington Examiner:Rapes in the District soared by nearly 20 percent in 2010, according to recently released FBI statistics.The FBI’s annual crime statistics show there were 184 rapes in D.C. in 2010 (http://washingtonexaminer.com/local/dc/2011/06/fbi-rapes-dc-jumped-20-percent-2010#ixzz1VbQ29Ono )

A difference in data-

FBI rape statistics for D.C.:

2010: 184

2009: 150

D.C. police rape statistics:

2010: 149

2009: 134

The number of “serious” sexual assaults in the District skyrocketed nearly 50 percent in 2010 compared with 2009, according to internal police statistics obtained by The Washington Examiner. As of Dec. 12, there had been 200 “serious” sexual assaults in the city, compared with 137 at that point in 2009 — a 46 percent spike.

Serious”- are you kidding me? Shouldn’t all incidents of rape be considered “Serious”? Or are general rapes just a joke to D.C.? In my mind- ANY rape is serious, and definitely any rape considering KIDNAPPING as well as SEXUAL ASSAULT: should be considered “Serious”. I was kidnapped: padlocked in a room the size of a closet and given a bucket to use the bathroom in; kept totally in the dark with nothing but a radio and given drugged water to live off of for 4 days. While I was in and out of consciousness I was sexually assaulted and sodomized by 2 separate Latino men at the residence. DC Cops had to come and KICK THE DOOR IN (as the padlock was on the outside of the door, of course) to extract me from where I was kept- of which it was a miracle that I survived.I could have died as one of the assailants nearly slit my throat with a butcher knife. Battered, bloody, bruised and not in my right mind: I was questioned by Latino cops who-unbeknownst to me: had spoken to the assailants before me and refused to believe me.One threatening me of the charges of “Lying to the police about a report”- taunting me with “What two people do out of consent is not my concern”. One of them told me I should apologize to one of the men as he brought dinner back to my ‘closet’ that night. Photos were taken; a rape kit was collected (of which the results were never divulged). I was anally and vaginally ripped and bruised. Yet the police report said “No visible injuries”. I filed charges against the officers that questioned me and initially closed my case. Nothing has come of it. I was not even properly re-imbursed (as DC promised) for my medical bills. Now tell me D.C. – WHY? Do you have a rape ‘quota’ that you cannot surpass that is the reason why statistics do not seem to reflect the actual reality of rape reports and you erroneously closed the case? Reportedly, FBI statistics and those of the department have routinely differed. For example, D.C crime statistics show violent crime was down nearly 7 percent in 2010, while FBI statistics show violent crime in the District dropped less than 2 percent from 2009 to 2010.***

So who here, is telling the truth? It seems like D.C. has something to hide- Shame on you D.C.!

Amazing, considering a person can query on the internet the number of sexual perpetrators in their current area: and oddly enough, when I did so in the area I was sexually assualted and the surrounding areas: there were at least 4 or MORE sexual offenders on each BLOCK of that area. Why is D.C. failing us? Only they have answers to that question. Perhaps it is because they are lazy and don’t want to work on ‘complex’ rape cases. Perhaps they do not care as much for their citizens as much as they claim. Perhaps they are ‘fudging’ the numbers in order to ‘deflate’ statistics- to make D.C. look more favorable to potential inhabitants.

Whatever the reason- we need answers. Victims demand them. I demand them. We want to know why we are treated as if WE are the perpetrators: not the victims. We want to know why it takes so long for our cases to go to court (if they even do) we want to know WHY we are being ignored by the ‘system’.

Are we invisible? Do we not exist?

I’m sure D.C. does not want us to.

So, in actuality, not only am I a victim of this egregious crime, but ultimately, also I am a victim of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and it’s failures: not only of fudging numbers, but in follow through of the crime, and in its victim’s treatment. I AM A VICTIM OF DC SANE as well: as they did not follow through with their promises and policies. There is strength in numbers, and our numbers will not lie. The Human Rights Organization will shortly bare witness to this as well. We only have to hurry up-and wait.

Slutwalk 2011 proved to D.C. that we all have voices: and that we will speak up for our rights and the rights and respect that we deserve. There simply should not be anymore travesties of justice. Yet, to rape apologists and to misogynist politicians who seek to strip women of control over their bodies and their sexuality, rape is an inevitable and natural part of life. Thus, women should be expected to plan ahead for violent and deliberate acts of assault on their bodies, just as one would plan ahead for flat tires, natural disasters, and other… accidents in life. (http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2011/07/07/slutwalk-rape-culture-and-the-anti-choice-movement/)

Therefore, according to this statement: when I was a child: I should’ve planned ahead to be kidnapped and raped: just because I’m female?


We need to take another look at rape, and specifically: at rape in our nation’s capital as that should set precedence for the rest of the country. As it is now, if we (meaning the U.S.) were judged by the District of Columbia alone, the rest of the country should also be lackadaisical, judgemental, errorenous in reporting statistics (if they do at all), and simply careless. Is this what we want to base the worldview of rape and treatment of victims on? I think not.

LISTEN UP DC because what I’m about to tell you should be common knowledge: rape is not the victim’s fault. It’s not about what she wears (Legally, In order for clothing to be a deterrent to a rapist, a woman must dress to look like a man (really…she must entirely hide the fact that she has a vagina which can be violated). Anything else is unsupportable by fact. See- http://www.law.duke.edu/shell/cite.pl?14+http://www.law.duke.edu/shell/cite.pl?14+Duke+J.+Gender+L.+&+Pol%27y+125#B139). It shouldn’t be dependant on what or even if she drinks; how late she stays out; if she’s on a date; what her profession is, nor should blame be placed because of the social networking information/photographs of the victim. RAPE IS A CRIME. There should be no ways to skirt the issue. RAPE IS RAPE. RAPE IS VIOLENCE. And RAPE SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED because of any silly, stupid, nonsensical reason that I listed above (that all try to place blame on the victim and not the perpetrator, of course). VICTIMS DESERVE equal treatment, timely responses to the treatment of the crime, and not to be ignored nor spoken down to. (I had one of the police officers doing the investigation yell at me for “Wasting his time”- stating “Do you know how many cases like this we get? – we don’t have time for this”.

I’m sorry you don’t have time for me.

I’m sorry DC never made enough time either to listen to the lamentations and screams out in protests of the women that were assaulted in this way.

I’m sorry that you simply do not care.

But I challenge you here, D.C. – if you really DO care: prove it.

Because, as of now: I have lost all faith in the DC System- and in ever receiving justice. The DC MPD and DA ignore me and treat me like trash. My perpetraitors still walk the streets as free men. FREE. While I am the one in prison- living in hell. I am afraid to go outside of my house or even do anything social anymore. AFRAID and a PRISONER.Now tell me if this is your version of justice?

Although the country has seen crime rates plummet in recent years, rape continues to be a major concern in America. According to Annette Fuentes’ article, “Crime Rates are down… But What About Rape?” in Ms. Magazine, “an estimated fifteen percent of women are raped or molested at some point in their lives”. While big cities such as Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York have seen the rates of violent crimes such as murder, robbery, and aggravated assault plummet, rape has not been so fortunate. In most of these cities, reported cases of rape have declined by only a few percentage points, whereas in some of these cities, reported cases of rape have actually increased. Rape is an epidemic that is slowly plaguing our entire nation, and unless some drastic action is taken immediately, this epidemic may never be cured.

This country now has a fight on its hands: and it’s Women Vs Rape. Like D.C.-Without acknowledging the problem that rape has become, there is no room to improve. The only way that America can truly eradicate this dilemma which is slowly taking over our country is by creating better awareness, and by treating rape cases correctly in a timely manner, and as a SERIOUS matter.

Nobody— not even your worst enemy should be subjected to the experience of rape. There is no crime more emotionally painful to the victim than rape because the man who rapes a women takes away all of her pride, self respect, and dignity and throws her into a life of living hell.

When will I stop having nightmares and flashbacks b/c of a failed system?

When will I be given the key to unlock my jail cell of living hell?

When will I see justice?

That is only for D.C. to decide….and they are twiddling their thumbs- I presume, as I await the response from a D.A. who has never returned either mine nor my family lawyer’s many phone calls.

In the meantime, I will be waiting in my cell in hell- yet screaming as loud as I can so that someone might hear my cries: and that is all I can do…..for now.

Like I said: this is a fight: Women Vs Rape.

And right now, Rape is winning- thanks, in part, to D.C.

Update: 09/22/11: DC’s DA declined to proceed with my case: closes it, and refuses to arrest the perpetrators. Nothing was done against the police with my formal complaint.


*Source: RAINN: http://www.rainn.org/statistics

**Source: FBI, Uniform Crime Reports: The Disaster Center: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/dccrime.htm

***Washington Examiner


DC Rape Crisis Center
Washington, DC

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Who is Peter Schiff and why you should care.

September 21, 2011

Peter David Schiff is the CEO for Euro Pacific Capital Inc..  More importantly he is one of the most accurate economists I have ever heard.  When he speaks about the economy I tend to listen closely.

On January 4th, 2007 Peter Schiff said “I see a very real recession.  It’s not going to be measured in quarters it’s going to be measured in years.  There is a very good chance the recession will start in 2007.”

Of course that’s old news.  What concerns me is Schiff’s latest prediction.  On his Blog he states “It’s a 100 percent chance. In fact the recession might have already started.”

I’m certain that it’s already started.  Our so called economic recovery has bailed out Wall Street and left Main Street twisting in the wind.  As far as I’m concerned the economy never recovered in the first place.  We are entering what may be the next Great Depression.

Others including myself have cast our ballots with Schiff.  Back in August in the post the price of theatrics.  I stated “I fear that we will probably face another 2008 style crisis by the end of the year.”

A probability study by Bank Of America predicts an 80% chance of an economic relapse into recession.  They are acting on this data as they plan on closing 600 branches and laying off 10,000 workers.  The study relies on data from the Philadelphia Branch of the Federal Reserve.  The Philly Fed predicts an 85.7% chance of recession.  The study also concluded that consumer confidence is at it’s lowest level since 1980.

The thugs in charge of this country are not pointing guns to our heads. Instead they are quietly bankrupting us.  Maybe our leaders will kick the can down the road and stave of the inevitable for a while, but make no mistake the Devil rides with a fist full of dollars and Hell follows with him.

Battle for Britain

September 11, 2011

In a previous post Anarchy in the UK I stated “I fear that this is all it will take to finally engulf the UK in an Orwellian nightmare.  It has been said that you could walk across London without ever being off camera.  Making matters worse, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is using these riots as an excuse to justify tyranny.”  According to Cameron “Britain is considering a raft of new measures related to crowd control, gang membership and social-media communications, in an effort to prevent a repeat of rioting and looting that exploded across the country this week.”  It would seem that the British Prime Minister is making good on his threats.  Cameron later told the House Of Commons “Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill. So we are working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.”

Cameron can be heard advocating tyranny in the video below.

Does this mean that the authorities should cut off telephones because some people may use them to plan a crime?  What about cars?  I mean someone could use a vehicle to commit a crime, so why don’t we just ban driving?

Officials from RIM (makers of Blackberry), Facebook, and Twitter met with British Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the role of social media in the UK riots.  A Home Office spokesman had this to say about the meeting “The discussions looked at how law-enforcement and the networks can build on the existing relationships and cooperation to crack down on the networks being used for criminal behaviour.”  Several human rights organizations including Amnesty International have sent an open letter to the British government stating “New measures, made in good faith but in a heated political environment, will overextend powers in ways that would be susceptible to abuse, restrict legitimate, free communication and expression and undermine people’s privacy.”

What happens across the pond may soon become a reality here in the states.  In fact it’s already happening.  Last month authorities in San Fransisco shut down cell phones in an effort to quell a protest.  They weren’t trying to prevent violence or looting.  Bay Area Rapid Transit officials shut down cell phone service at several stations in order to quiet the voice of the people.  The post rampant police misconduct details how Officer Johannes Mehserle shot an unarmed Oscar Grant in the back.  This is what people were attempting to protest before their right to dissent was cut off by the police.

How long will we let the powers that be stifle the voice of dissent?  The time to stand up to oppression is now.  When we can’t even protest injustice what recourse do we have?

Safety Dance

September 10, 2011

Are we any safer ten years after 9/11?  Are we even the same country?  Sadly the answer to both questions is no.  The image above is pretty ugly isn’t it.  Well take a good hard look because this is what people around the world are thinking about us.  Since 2001 our nation has become an Orwellian nightmare.  We openly torture people and spy on our own citizens.  In a way the terrorists have won as we now live in an atmosphere of fear and paranoia.  This is not the America I grew up in.  As the son of a retired Army officer I am appalled by our actions.  My father and his comrades did not serve their country for it to turn into this.  I take the issue of torture very seriously.  I was named after Jeremiah Denton former Vietnam POW and author of When Hell was in Session.

According to former Guantanamo interrogator Jennifer S. Bryson “When the 9/11 attacks hit, America’s military interrogators already knew that rapport-based interrogation works.”  She went on to say “Torture is wrong. Torture is unnecessary. Torture is counter to effective interrogation.”  In the words of Nice Guy Eddie from Reservoir Dogs “If you fucking beat this prick long enough, he’ll tell you he started the goddamn Chicago fire, now that don’t necessarily make it fucking so! ”  Torture doesn’t just hurt those we interrogate.  Those who take part in such viciousness are forever changed by it.  When you dance with the devil the devil doesn’t change the devil changes you.

Last night MSNBC aired Rachel Maddow interviewing former MP Brandon Neely as part of their Day of Destruction Decade of War special.  Neely stated that several detainees were mistreated.  He described a prisoner being beaten and left in a pool of their own blood.  DOD spokesman Todd Breasseale responded to allegations of abuse with this statement “The Department of Defense does not tolerate the abuse of detainees, and credible allegations are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate disciplinary action is taken if allegations are substantiated.”

Maddow also conducted an interview with former Army interrogator Tony Lagouranis.  According to Lagouranis “After 9/11 and after Afghanistan we had heard from interrogators coming back that they were crossing lines, use of stress positions, sleep deprivation, and dietary manipulation.”  Tony was also interviewed in 2005 by democracynow.org.  He states “in Mosul, I was using dogs and hypothermia, I was using sleep deprivation, isolation, dietary manipulation, you know, that’s all abuse, according to the army field manual, the army doctrine and certainly according to the Geneva Conventions.”  To make matters worse he also says “I was believing the intelligence reports that came in with the prisoner. I believed the detainee units, but later it became clear to me that they weren’t — they were picking up just farmers, you know, like these guys were totally innocent and that’s why we weren’t getting intel. And it just made what we were doing, like, seem even more cruel.”

Not only is torture cruel and ineffective, it also besmirches our international reputation.  If we want to defeat our enemies we cannot stoop to their level.  We must take the moral high ground, and refrain from engaging in terror ourselves.  We are better than this.  Torture is not a family value.