The Return of the Rock N Roll Politico


2011 had proven itself to be a very tumultuous year for America and for the world.

We witnessed the rise and fall of truth along with the rise and fall of the Occupy movement.

As 2012 dawns it truly appears to be the end of the world as we know it.  With the failure of the Occupy movement we have no heroes to look to.

We are still stuck between Iraq and a hard place.  The Obama administration appears to be a continuation of the Lil Bush Regime.

Both administrations seem so similar because they were both financed by the same organizations.

According to Goldman Sachs contributed $1,013,091 to the Obama campaign and $394,600 to the 04 Bush campaign.  In addition Morgan Stanley contributed $512,233 to Oboma and $603,480 to Bush.  Citigroup also joined the foray by contributing $736,771 to Obama and $320,820 to Bush.

During the height of the Occupy movement I had suggested that they push for campaign finance reform as their main platform.  Of course we all know that the movement lacked any clear goals and therefore collapsed in a chaotic heap of noise.

As far as this blogger is concerned the only way to keep Wall Street out of Washington is to impose strict campaign contribution limits.  I propose a $100.00 cap on any campaign contributions from any one source.  In this way John Doe and Goldman Sachs would have the same level of influence with our elected officials.  If these limits were imposed Main Street and Wall Street would be on equal footing.

Our democracy was founded on true representation of the people.  One man gets one vote.  The idea of buying influence with campaign contributions goes against everything our great nation stands for.  It’s high time that we separate bank and state.  The profit motive corrupts our electoral process at every turn and must be rooted out of politics to ensure fair representation for all citizens of the United States.

The Blue Scholar Blog will be dripping poison from it’s pen and coming out swinging both fists in 2012.  It’s official, the Rock N Roll Politico is back with a vengeance.  I’ll be taking empty suits back to school all year.


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