ACTA fool!

You’ve heard of SOPA and you’ve heard of PIPA. Have you heard of ACTA?  ACTA or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is an international version of SOPA that our man Obama signed back on October 1st, 2011.

ACTA appears to have the stamp of tyranny all over it.  The law is so egregious that it’s independent monitor Kader Arif has resigned stating “The whole process which led to the signature of this agreement: no consultation of the civil society, lack of transparency since the beginning of negotiations, repeated delays of the signature of the text without any explanation given, reject of Parliament’s recommendations as given in several resolutions of our assembly.”

You know it’s bad when the independent monitor resigns.  Other prominent voices have also come out to condemn this legislation.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation has said “If there’s one thing that encapsulates what’s wrong with the way government functions today, ACTA is it.”  The hacktivist collective Anonymous went on the offensive attacking Polish government websites.  They released a tweet stating “”Dear Polish government, we will continue to disrupt and interfere with your government official websites. Do not pass ACTA.”

Criticism has been issued by more mainstream voices as well.  US Rep. Darrell Issa had this to say about ACTA “As a member of Congress, it’s more dangerous than SOPA.  It’s not coming to me for a vote. It purports that it does not change existing laws. But once implemented, it creates a whole new enforcement system and will virtually tie the hands of Congress to undo it.”

As a writer and a former musician I beleive in protecting intellectual property rights.  Having said that we cannot do so at the cost of civil liberties.  Legislation like SOPA and ACTA take it too far.  I would rather risk being plagiarized before we sacrifice the free internet.

NC based photographer Cannie Osbourne of C&O Photography had this to say regarding intellectual property rights “I would go after someone who infringed on my copyright, however ACTA and SOPA take it too far.”


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