The Cupboard is Empty we Really Need Food

physiological needs are the most important aspect of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Chief among these is the requirement for food.

Without fresh food and water everything else seems to be of little importance.  Sadly many people across the globe go to bed hungry every night.  Countless others die of starvation.

Things are even more dire after the 2007 – 2008 food crisis.  Increased shipping costs, fuel requirements of industrial farming, and bio-fuel policies all conspire to spike food prices.

Many of my peers are malnourished.  Even with food stamps a healthy diet is out of reach.  It would appear that a good diet is reserved for the wealthy as the poor and working class are priced out of the quality food market.

All is not lost however.  There are many organizations who seek to feed the needy and to nourish their communities.

One such group is Food not Bombs.  On Friday, November 4th I had the pleasure of interviewing Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry.  McHenry stopped by Occupy Norfolk for last night’s general assembly.  Later that evening he spoke to protesters at The Path on W 35th St in Norfolk.

He warned the crowd to be wary of provocateurs and undercover infiltrators.  He detailed several occasions where activists have been set up and framed by federal informants.  He has been incarcerated and imprisoned on several occasions for his involvement with Food not Bombs.  In spite of this he continues to bring food and hope to those who have none.

Blue Scholar Blog:  With so many people going hungry in America do you think that the U.S. has  it’s priories skewed?

Keith McHenry:  Oh yeah for sure.  There are millions of Americans without food.  It’s ridiculous.

Blue Scholar Blog:  If someone want’s to help Food not Bombs what can they do?

Keith McHenry:  The best thing to do is to go to and look up your local chapter.  You can go to where a meal is being served and get in contact.  If there is not a chapter in your area the site has information on how to start a chapter.

Blue Scholar Blog:  What is Food not Bombs involvement with Occupy Wall Street?

Keith McHenry:  Food not bombs is organizing kitchens  at Occupy events across the world.  Food not Bombs also delegates in the same way that the Occupation does.  We use consensus to make decisions. We are also committed to non violence.

Blue Scholar Blog:  What advice do you have for people engaging in civil disobedience?

Keith McHenry:  You definitely want to be non violent.  If you know you are going to be arrested ahead of time you should let someone know.

If you are in the Hampton Roads area the Norfolk chapter of food not bombs could use your support.

They need foil, sugar, cooking oil, utensils, paper cups, paper plates, and food suitable for preparing vegan meals.

They are going to meet tomorrow November 6th at 3pm at Park Place Baptist church on the corner of Colonial Ave and 31st Street.

If you want to help out I urge you to show up tomorrow and lend a hand.  I have also posted their contact information below.

PO Box 6038 Norfolk VA 23508
Phone: 757-777-4688 or 757-620-1764


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