It drones on and on.

December 9, 2011

It has come to my attention that some police departments are in the preliminary stages of deploying drones domestically.

When drones were first used abroad they were primarily implemented for surveillance. Ultimately they have been used to kill.

I don’t know about you, but frankly the idea of drones patrolling American cities frightens me. If they are actually utilized here in the states it won’t be long before they are used for violence.

According to a recent USA TODAY article:

No local police departments have been authorized to use unmanned aircraft, although police departments in Houston and Miami have conducted field tests of such planes.

The Miami-Dade Police Department has tested two 18-pound UAVs equipped with a camera for about 18 months, Sgt. Andrew Cohen says. The department has been licensed to operate the craft up to 200 feet in the air, but the drone must remain within 1,000 feet of the operator.

Over the years there has been a fair amount of criticism for the military’s use of drones.

According to a UPI report:

In 2010, 748 militants were killed by drone attacks and 46 non-militants were killed collaterally.

The article also called upon the expertise of Peter Singer who states “New technologies are game changers, and we should be asking tough questions about them. There are all sorts of questions that we haven’t had to ask before. We can’t develop a technology, put it out in the real world and decide after the fact that there needs to be laws and ethics attached to it.”

The prospect of drones flying around my neighborhood is something out of an Orwellian nightmare. The last thing we need are a bunch of Nintendo pilots running roughshod on American cities.

Even if I were to ignore the privacy implications, the possibility of collateral damage on American soil is unacceptable.

Big Brother is watching you. The eye in the sky never flinches and it never blinks.