Charlottetown Rebellion

After the Bank of America shareholders meeting protest it is clear to the world that Occupy Charlotte and Occupy Wall Street are alive and well. They never went away. They have regrouped and now they are stronger than ever.

I had the opportunity to catch up with one of Occupy Charlotte’s organizers, Craig Glisson and discuss the recent protest and the future of Occupy Charlotte.

Jeremiah: Last week’s protest at the Bank of America shareholders meeting went very well. I’m counting it as a victory for Occupy Charlotte. In light of this what’s next for Occupy Charlotte?

Craig: That was the first time Occupy Charlotte was involved on a march in the streets so I would definitely consider that to be a victory, but we still have to battle war, injustice and inequality. Occupy Charlotte has several plans moving forward. We plan on being more involved in the community. Occupy Charlotte will be doing a lot more community service and community outreach. We want to be more than just a protest group or a social program. We will be going more into community building. The Charlotte community is the most important thing to Occupy Charlotte.

Jeremiah: Relations between the CMPD and Occupy Charlotte seemed to be tenable last week. How do you think that will effect the upcoming DNC?

Craig: Personally I’m not concerned about the CMPD. I’m concerned with the police around the Charlotte area and also some of the federal agents that will be inhabiting the city during that time period. The CMPD has been very professional with their relationships with activists and protest groups in the Charlotte area. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I plan on building a more professional relationship with the CMPD so we can work together and so our interactions with the police won’t overshadow the actual events we are protesting.

Jeremiah: During the DNC Obama will be speaking at the Bank of America Stadium. If you could ask him one question or if you wanted him to address one issue affecting  the Charlotte community what would that be?

Craig: There are many issues I would want him to address,but the main question I would ask him is; what happened to the change he promised in 2008 and why did you promote changing the face of Washington when you hired so many Washington insiders to your staff.

Jeremiah: Was there anything else you wanted to add? Did I miss anything?

Craig:The BofA shareholders meeting protest shows that Occupy Charlotte is alive. We were preoccupied with this very important event so that people can realize the problems that the big corporations like Bank of America have placed on Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States, and the world. They’ve had a huge hand in the economic mess of 2008. Going forward we have to stand as citizens so that corporations won’t ruin our future or the present that we live in.

When I asked Craig how people could get involved he directed me to the links posted below.

Occupy Charlotte’s Homepage

Occupy Charlotte’s Calendar

Occupy is going strong but it needs the support of the people to stay alive. I urge all of my readers to get involved. This is our future and together we can make it a brighter one.

(Photos by Cannie Osborne)


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