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July 27, 2012

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. For your viewing pleasure, I present these fine de motivational posters. Please feel free to re post and share these inspiring images.

The TSA stole America’s dignity.

Fly the unfriendly skies of America.

Pulled Pork

April 12, 2012

Apparently the cops in Santa Fe are jerkin off on the job and I mean that literally. The hero of our story, former police Sgt Mike Eiskant seems to have been caught holding the bag when a team of investigative journalists obtained dash cam footage from his squad car.

After requesting the footage for over a month Santa Fe’s KOB News saw the long arm of the law first hand. The footage revealed that Sgt Eiskant was getting a grip on his man to hand relationship while on the job. Talk about getting caught with your pants down.

The audio from the squad car contained the sound of a zipper and moans from Sgt Eiskant. At one point the officer could be heard saying “Oh show me those big beautiful breasts, baby.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Eiskant KOB revealed their discovery just one day after he plead no contest to ten unrelated charges. According to the Sante Fe New Mexican

Michael Eiskant, 41, entered a plea of no contest Thursday before Bernalillo County District Court Judge Reed Sheppard to two counts of attempt to commit a felony (false imprisonment), one count of stalking, two counts of harassment and others including larceny and possession of marijuana.

Seven of the charges occurred in 2011.

The counts of false imprisonment, stalking and harassment relate to traffic stops involving women drivers, according to the criminal complaint.

In return for pleading no contest, Eiskant agreed, he “will never again become a law enforcement officer anywhere in the United States.”

The New Mexican goes on to describe how Eiskant used police computers to cyber stalk a woman. The paper also reported that he took the marijuana away from a civilian and knowingly kept it.

KOB issued a follow up report that states Eiskant was harassing an 18 year old girl who works at a local coffee shop.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained a recent New Mexico State Police report, detailing new allegations of harassment against an 18-year-old employee of a local coffee shop by former Sgt. Mike Eiskant.

According to the report, the employee told police Eiskant made her feel uncomfortable and told her “he doesn’t like her having a boyfriend and that he noticed her boyfriend driving her car around a lot.”

Eiskant’s former co-workers are not surprised by his alleged jackin off on the job. Former officer Shannon Brady went on record saying

Eiskant had a reputation for being a “creeper” and stalking women.

Brady said she even tried to bring a harassment complaint against Eiskant years ago to Santa Fe’s human resource division.

That complaint was handled by then human resource compliance officer Raymond Rael.

Rael has since been promoted to chief of police.

The former officer said when she went to file her claim, Rael asked her if she was, “doing this only because of all the rumors against Mike Eiskant stalking women and offered mediation with Eiskant which she declined.”

One of the charges Eiskant plead no contest to were alleged by Brady.

Brady said the charge stems from the same incidents that the chief dismissed when he was working at the city.

Many of you may be wondering what will become of our hero Sgt Eiskant. He has been barred from ever taking a law enforcement position again and he may receive probation for no more than one year. It is unclear if he will have to pay any fines, however it is clear that the citizens of Sante Fe will be paying him as he has been allowed to cash in on his accumulated leave before he officially retires in November. I am assuming he will receive his retirement pay as well.

The masturbation tape was released after all of this was decided, however I’m sure the Sante Fe DA will follow Eiskant’s fine example by pulling his pork when he tries the case.

Politics of Prison

February 26, 2012

Why are so many of our citizens incarcerated?  In the words of Brian Charles Ebejer “Sick of politicans and politics and prisons lyin and runnin my life.”

Here in the land of the free prison is big business.  As reported in my article Arrested Development  In 2006, our government spent $68,747,203,000 locking up about 2 million people.

The cost to the state is enormous so who’s running off with all the money?

Our pals at Wells Fucko I mean Wells Fargo have invested a large amount of capitol in GEO Group.  GEO group is the worlds second largest private prison group and is contracted here in the states.  In other words they make money locking people up, and Wells Fargo reaps the financial benefits while the taxpayers foot the bill.

I can’t calculate how much money is being made off of these shares, however I have discovered that Wells Fargo owns 3,591,910 valued at $66,665,849.  A full breakdown of major GEO stock holders can be found here.

Some of you may be wondering why this is such a big deal.  First off Wells Fargo is making money off of something subsidized by American tax payers.  The Bank already received $25 billion in bail out funds but that wasn’t enough.

The bank was one of the last institutions to repay their bailout funds.  Making matters worse the US treasury holds warrants to buy 110 million shares of the ailing bank.  Shares peaked at $37 in 2008 but now they are worth about $30 so once again Wells Fargo is leaving the taxpayers holding the bag.

If you take money out of the picture things are still bad.  GEO group makes money locking people up and they spend millions lobbying for stricter immigration enforcement.  Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if people weren’t suffering and dying in the name of greed.

According to recent article

The GEO detention facilities have also racked up many reports and complaints of abusive treatment of immigrant detainees and corrupt staff practices that violate the basic human rights of prisoners. Last month we spoke with the sibling of a detainee in a GEO-run facility who was denied basic medical attention for lack of funds to pay. The detainee’s family had to raise funds to get their relative medical attention in the facility from GEO. Other GEOdetainees have died from a lack of medical attention.

Another relative of a GEO detainee told us that prisoners who avoid getting on the wrong side of GEO guards could aspire, at most, to a job in the prison that pays 17 cents an hour for doing office work.

GEO recently agreed to pay restitution for its employees’ physical abuse of prisoners who were strip searched in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, and New Mexico. In another case, GEO was ordered to pay $40 million in the wrongful death of a prisoner in its custody in Raymondville, Texas. GEO has also been sued by seven children who were sexually assaulted by a guard while being held in a GEO facility.

RT covered an OWS protest of the prison industrial complex which can be viewed in the video below.

Occupy Wall Street is not alone in their crusade against the prison industrial complex.  The ACLU and Anonymous have come out against GEO Group.  Predictably Anonymous hacked and defaced the GEO Group website.

The ACLU did what it does best.  They released a report Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration detailing the egregious abuses of the prison industrial complex.  Posted below is an excerpt from the report.

Leading private prison companies essentially admit that their business model depends on high rates of incarceration. For example, in a 2010 Annual Report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest private prison company, stated: “The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by . . . leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices . . . .”

Basically while the people and the government are going broke companies like CCA and GEO group are making money hand over fist, meanwhile millions of prisoners and their families have had their lives torn apart.

It’s even worse if you care about prisoners in Arizona.  According the the New York Times “For the Arizona Department of Corrections, crime has finally started to pay.”  If you want to visit a prisoner held in an Arizona state correctional facility be prepared to shell out $25 for a one time background check fee.

David C. Fathi of the ACLU thinks that this fee is ridiculous.  “We know that one of the best things you can do if you want people to go straight and lead a law-abiding life when they get out of prison is to continue family contact while they’re in prison. Talk about penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

Calling this a one time background check fee is a farce.  According to the NY Times Ms. Baldo (chief of staff for the Arizona Senate) said the money would not actually pay for background checks but would go into a fund for maintenance and repairs to the prisons.

Department of Corrections spokesman, Barrett Marson went on record stating “Maintenance funds for our buildings are scarce in this difficult economic time. A $25 visitation fee helps to ensure our prisons remain safe environments for staff, inmates and visitors.”

I recommend that Mr. Marson reads my article The War on Drugs has failed specifically he should peruse the passage posted below.

The enormous financial burden of the War on Drugs is staggering.  Far more worrisome is the human cost of this war.  Countless nonviolent drug offenders have been imprisoned for inordinate lengths of time.  According to the International Centre for Prison Studies The United States has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world.  The report America’s One Million Nonviolent Prisoners states that the level of nonviolent offenders exceeds the combined populations of Alaska, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

Instead of punishing the families and loved ones of Arizona’s inmate population the government may want to abolish private prisons and re examine sentencing guidelines for non-violent offenders.  This would be more effective than inventing a background check fee.

It is clear to this blogger that lining the pockets of Wells Fargo is not an effective policy.  As long as prisons are privatized there will be an enormous conflict of interest.  The public cannot be served when people are incarcerated in the name of the holy dollar.  The justice system is supposed to be about protecting the people not share holders.

We no longer have a justice system.  Instead we have a justice business, and a businesses’ only interest is to make money not to dispense justice.


January 21, 2012

With the recent raid on Megaupload one must wander whether or not SOPA and PIPA legislation are even needed for the government to break the internet.

If you attempt to reach your browser will be redirected to

The link above displays a warning issued by the Department of Justice that states that the domain has been seized due to a federal indictment.

According to a press release issued by the Department of Justice

“Seven individuals and two corporations have been charged in the United States with running an international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy of numerous types of copyrighted works, through and other related sites, generating more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and causing more than half a billion dollars in harm to copyright owners.”

In response to the Megaupload raid the hacktivist collective anonymous conducted DOS (denial of service) attacks on the websites of the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

The Stop Online Privacy Act made people nervous because it would allow the U.S. government to seize servers and domains in the same manner in which they did with the Megaupload raid.

In light of the raid I am gravely concerned.  It would appear that without even enacting legislation that the internet is fair game for Big Brother.  Although the precedent sent by this debacle  limits our personal freedom it will not prevent piracy.  According to blogger Dennis Fisher of “No law passed in the U.S. is going to have any real effect on whether people steal movies, music and books. That ship has sailed.”

SOPA and PIPA be damned.  It looks like Uncle Sam is going to do whatever he wants regardless of the law.  Enjoy a free internet while you can because it’s days are numbered.

It drones on and on.

December 9, 2011

It has come to my attention that some police departments are in the preliminary stages of deploying drones domestically.

When drones were first used abroad they were primarily implemented for surveillance. Ultimately they have been used to kill.

I don’t know about you, but frankly the idea of drones patrolling American cities frightens me. If they are actually utilized here in the states it won’t be long before they are used for violence.

According to a recent USA TODAY article:

No local police departments have been authorized to use unmanned aircraft, although police departments in Houston and Miami have conducted field tests of such planes.

The Miami-Dade Police Department has tested two 18-pound UAVs equipped with a camera for about 18 months, Sgt. Andrew Cohen says. The department has been licensed to operate the craft up to 200 feet in the air, but the drone must remain within 1,000 feet of the operator.

Over the years there has been a fair amount of criticism for the military’s use of drones.

According to a UPI report:

In 2010, 748 militants were killed by drone attacks and 46 non-militants were killed collaterally.

The article also called upon the expertise of Peter Singer who states “New technologies are game changers, and we should be asking tough questions about them. There are all sorts of questions that we haven’t had to ask before. We can’t develop a technology, put it out in the real world and decide after the fact that there needs to be laws and ethics attached to it.”

The prospect of drones flying around my neighborhood is something out of an Orwellian nightmare. The last thing we need are a bunch of Nintendo pilots running roughshod on American cities.

Even if I were to ignore the privacy implications, the possibility of collateral damage on American soil is unacceptable.

Big Brother is watching you. The eye in the sky never flinches and it never blinks.

Fried Bologna

September 27, 2011

Yesterday in the post I loved you in Wall Street I covered a heinous crime committed by my favorite NYPD employee Anthony Bologna.  Recently some very interesting information has come to my attention, and I want to share it with the rest of you.

The text posted below was provided by the group Anonymous.  The original post can be found at

As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barberically pepper spray wildly into the group of kettled women.  We were shocked and disgusted by your behavior.  You know who the innocent women were, now they will have the chance to know who you are.  Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!


Anthony Bologna D0x
NYPD Deputy Inspector
Patrol Boro Manhattan South – 212-477-6181

-WAS Commanding Officer of the First Precinct for the past 5 years

-Possible phone number: (518) 989-9051

———————-Reason for D0x’ing


Anthony Linda Bologna
Anthony V Bologna
Anthony Jennings Bologna
Linda S Bologna (family)
Dana M Bologna (family)
Jenna Angelina Bologna (family)
J Bologna (family)
Angelina Bologna (family)
Joanne A Bologna (family)
Anthony C Bologna (family)


St. Paul’s High School (1970-1974)

———————-Last Known Addresses

5 Sawyer Ave, Unit A, Staten Island, NY, US
119 Slater Blvd, Staten Island, NY, US
5 Sawyer Ave, Staten Island, NY, US
1309 Lake Ave, Metairie, LA, US
Jennings Hill Rd, West Kill, NY, US
Catskill, NY, US
Lexington, NY, US
New York, NY, US
5314 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, US
236 E Gibson St, Covington, LA, US
134 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA, US
22072 8th St, Abita Springs, LA, US
6 Saint Jean De Luz, Mandeville, LA, US
1000 53rd St, Brooklyn, NY, US
1224 Lake Ave, Apt 205, Metairie, LA, US
10122 Lakewood St, New Orleans, LA, US
24 Claudia Dr, Covington, LA, US
6906 13th Ave, Unit 2f, Brooklyn, NY, US

—————————Legal Trouble

Plaintiff:    Posr A. Posr
Defendants:    Tulio Camejo, Anthony Bologna, Michael R. Bloomberg, Raymond W. Kelly, Joseph J. Esposito, The City of New York and Connie Fishman

Case Number:    1:2007cv07583
Filed:    August 27, 2007

Court:    New York Southern District Court
Office:    Foley Square Office
County:    NewYork
Presiding Judge:    Judge P. Kevin Castel

Nature of Suit:    Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause:    42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Jurisdiction:    Federal Question
Jury Demanded By:    Plaintiff

——————————-Until Next Time Folks…

I love what Anonymous is doing.  Who watches the watchmen?  Anonymous that’s who.  In our hour of need they have delivered this vital information.

Personally I take great offense to women being brutalized.  Anthony Bologna must be held accountable for his crimes.

Jeanne Mansfield is the brave soul who shot this video.  She was also wrote an article detailing the ordeal for the Boston Review.  Posted below is an excerpt from that article.

At this point, the crowd of twenty or so caught in the orange fence is shouting “Shame! Shame! Who are you protecting?! YOU are the 99 percent! You’re fighting your own people!” A white-shirt, now known to be NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, comes from the left, walks straight up to the three young girls at the front of the crowd, and pepper-sprays them in the face for a few seconds, continuing as they scream “No! Why are you doing that?!”

One of Bologna’s victims Chelsea Elliott tells her side of the story here.

Elliot’s example is inspirational.  Her bravery is only matched by Bologna’s cowardice.

Occupy Wall Street’s demands are now my own.  The following text is taken directly from the site

His name is Anthony Bologna. We demand that he is charged for his crimes. We demand that he receives jail time.

We demand that Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly resigns. Not only can he not control his most senior officers, he is involved in actively sheltering them from receiving any punishment.

We demand that Mayor Michael Bloomberg address our General Assembly and apologize for the police brutality and the cover-up that followed.

Please call:
Mayor Bloomberg: +1 (212) 639-9675 or +1 (212) 788-2958 Deputy Commissioner of Public Information: +1 (646) 610-6700
NYPD Switchboard: +1 (646) 610-5000
First precinct: +1 (212) 334-0611

What the NYPD is doing is evil and it must be stopped.  They are merely armed thugs.

This country doesn’t belong to Wall Street.  America will always belong to the people.  It is time for us to stand up and demand our slice of the pie.

I loved you in Wall Street.

September 26, 2011

Where is the true seat of power in this country?  Is it in Washington DC, or is it in Wall Street?

I think Gordon Gekko summed it up best when he said “The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars (1987). One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it.”

It’s true that the banksters have all the money.  They have so much money that they have purchased the NYPD and turned them into ruthless oppressors and common thugs.

The video posted below is a disgrace.  Where I come from only a coward hurts women.

Here are two more videos I found at

SHAME SHAME SHAME is right.  When the police were tired of people calling it like it is they viciously attacked the protestors without provocation.

My hat goes off to they have released the name of fascist who sprayed these innocent protestors.  His name is Antony Bologna.

According to a report at “The protesters were marching back to Zuccotti Park when the NYPD turned violent. Hitting, arresting and forcing protesters into a small area. At that point a NYPD supervisor yelled shut up to one of the protesters and shot pepper spray into her eyes point blank range and hitting a half dozen protesters (including 3 police officers) when they had nowhere to go. The same supervising officer was seen (photographed) laughing after the arrests while looking at his text messages.”

Antony Bologna is a fascist and a sadist.  The only good thing to come out of this is that he sprayed three of his own men.  Now that’s what I call instant karma.

We should not rely on Karma alone to dispense justice.  I am calling on NYPD Internal Affairs to do their job and investigate this crime.  They can be contacted at (212) 741-8401.  is calling for the resignation of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.  They are also demanding that Mayor Michael Bloomberg publicly apologize for police brutality and cover ups.

I think both of these men should be ashamed of themselves.  If it were up to me both of them would be fired today and Antony Bologna would be arrested for assault.

It’s no coincidence that a fat cat like Bloomberg would preside over brutally suppressing a Wall Street protest.  It’s also predictable that there has been a media blackout on these protests.  The same people being protested own the so called mainstream media.

Fortunately the ACLU has come out against this oppression.  They have released Know Your Rights: Demonstrating in New York City and What To Do If You’re Stopped By The Police  They also have released this article NYCLU on the Scene at Wall Street Protests which contains the following advice:

You have a right to stand or march on sidewalks without a permit.

You may photograph or video the cops, but do not interfere with police action.

Remember officers’ badge numbers, names and physical descriptions.

File complaints about misconduct by calling 311.

If you march in the street without a permit, you risk arrest.

If ordered to disperse, do so unless you want to be arrested.

When I see the real silent majority come together and protest I am proud to be an American.  These brave souls are fighting for equality at great personal risk.  They are all heroes and deserve a heroes welcome not mace and jackboots.

Make no bones about it.  This is all out class warfare and we the people are under attack.  We cannot let these crooks think tyranny is business as usual.  Let’s take the fight to the enemy!