Face Book Rants and Screeds 2013

August 8, 2013

Religious fundamentalism and lapel pins won’t save our economy.


The current administration’s liberal fascism is just as bad if not worse than the Reagan/Bush error and lil’ Dubya’s administration combined.


The planet cannot sustain infinite growth. Capitalism requires infinite growth to avoid collapse. This is very basic. Anyone who wants to continue with business as usual is borderline retarded and shouldn’t be in charge of a bag of shit let alone a public office or corporation. Wake up and smell the coffee people.


Lil’ Dubya had heart surgery this week. That’s funny I didn’t know he had a heart.


Some people blame Detroit’s impeding municipal bankruptcy on pensioners. I’ve heard a lot of stupid shit like “People are being paid long after they’ve stopped working.” Um, Isn’t that what a pension is for? Shit, you’d better not live too long. We wasted your pension on a bunch of stupid crap so do us all a favor and die. Only a fucktard would criticize pensioners for getting paid for not working. Doesn’t anyone know what the fuck retirement means? It means you get paid not to work. The most basic things people just don’t get. Once again I shouldn’t have to get pissed off about this shit. Has everyone in charge gone bat shit insane? Jesus fucking Christ and good god damn night. Someone pass the Tylenol.


A lot of stupid assholes don’t want to tax the rich or their inheritance because they think that one day they will be rich as well. What a bunch of morons. Wake up call — you will most likely never get rich. You got to be a stupid asshole to think the exception to the rule is the rule. Once again basic shit and most people just don’t get it. Why is everyone so stupid?


If you live paycheck to paycheck then you are the working poor. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck, but I do know a lot of people who deny that they do. Accept that we are all poor so we can unify against rich tax dodging assholes. They don’t keep things going. They do anything they can to downsize labor forces and criminally evade their tax burdens.


The Obama administration promised transparency in government, but what we got was — a president more corrupt and secretive than Nixon. This time the whistle blower didn’t bring down a tyrant. Instead Deep Through was slit by All the President’s men. What a sad state of affairs. We failed as a nation to learn from Watergate as scandal after scandal rocks this presidency.


The next person who advocates deregulation should have his home and car deregulated immediately. No rules man. Just do whatever the fuck you want when you build my house and my car. I don’t want the government advocating any regulations on anything ever. Let’s deregulate hospitals too. We don’t need no stinkin’ medical licenses. I’m not board certified or anything, but I do have this pair of pliers. Hell let’s follow the drug dealers example. They aren’t regulated and they can shoot each other over business competition. I want to see a board of directors have a big old deregulated gunfight right in the middle of the street.