Government Sachs

I consider Goldman Sachs to be one of the most evil companies in America.  They were one of the main causes of the 2008 financial crisis.  They were also one of the main recipients of government bailout money.

Unfortunately they have been very busy since then.  In 2009 they opened up a new headquarters in the planned community Battery Park City.  As the financial world blazed around them, Goldman Sachs was busy building an opulent palace with tax payer money.

In addition to the billions of dollars that Goldman Sachs received during the financial bailouts, the government awarded them an additional one billion in tax free dollars for the construction of the building.  The total cost of construction was $2.1 billion dollars.

On his show Conspiracy Theory former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura had this to say about the new Goldman Sachs headquarters “You have to walk pretty far from Wall Street to find the Goldman Sachs headquarters, the New Goldman Sachs headquarters.  Around the same time the SEC charged the company with mortgage fraud, Goldman Sachs moved into a new 2.1 billion dollar building on New York Harbor.  You’d expect mobs outside picketing over all those executive bonuses if they could find the place.  $2.1 billion dollars and they didn’t even get a sign.”

Goldman Sachs has caused so much trouble that they need to “spin” their public image.  In an attempt to prevent fallout and backlash they are now meddling in the private lives of their employees.  Just like the plot to a John Grisham novel Goldman Sachs employees refer to the company as the Firm.

According to a CNBC report it’s the companies “officially unofficial” policy that employees are not to go to the Occupy Wall Street protests.  According to the report safety has been sighted as a concern, however others say that going to Zuccotti park could endanger your career.

The Firm has also forbade all Goldman Sachs employees from using Facebook.  Ironically the company has $450 million dollars invested in the popular social networking site.

The companies pathetic attempt at damage control does not stop there.  Goldman Sachs has banned employees from using profanity in their emails after Senator Carl Levin discussed an email where a Goldman Sachs employee referred to a deal as “shitty.”

Some of you may think that these PR efforts are par for the course and innocuous, however The Firm’s grasp extends beyond the internet presence of it’s employees.  After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident the company told Tokyo based employees not to leave the city.

Given the shady history of Goldman Sachs I find any attempt they make to silence employees suspect.  What are they hiding?  More importantly where is the SEC when you need them?  In the words of Zach Del La Rocha “We need  a tiny fire burning bright shedding light on the darkness of greed.”

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