Occupy Norfolk Day One

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading like wildfire, and I am happy to report that it is alive and well in my home town.

On October 6th several dozen protesters had gathered at Harbor Park to air their grievances.  As they marched past the ruins of the old harbor I realized what they were protesting for.  They don’t want to end up like the derelict buildings along the Elizabeth River.

The lively group continued to march along the river until they reached the Dominion Tower.

The protesters continued to march downtown.  As they interacted with the denizens of the city it became obvious that the people supported the movement.  One random passerby remarked “That’s the problem now, greed.”

The march eventually reached the MacArthur Center.  At the shopping mall there was a silent clash between consumerism and anti consumerism.  The protesters proudly displayed their labels on their placards.  The shoppers at the mall displayed their labels on their clothing.

The Norfolk Police Department was making their presence known Downtown.  According to Fox 43 News they released this statement concerning the Occupy Norfolk Protest The Norfolk Police Department will be monitoring the “Occupy Norfolk” gathering throughout the duration of the event and responding as necessary. The Police Department will have additional resources available if the situation dictates the need for further police presence. Members of the Department and other City officials have met with and continue to communicate with the event organizers. The City of Norfolk strongly supports the First Amendment Rights of all citizens to peaceably assemble and voice their grievances and will take the appropriate steps to insure those rights are upheld while insuring the safety of all persons and property.”

Like the generation before us we have our own war to protest.  Aside from the conflicts in the Middle East we are faced with class warfare.  Big business and Washington have been waging war against the middle class for so long that there is no more middle class.  Most of us are a paycheck away from losing everything.  Most of us receive a pittance for a lifetime of work.

My parents have done the right thing their entire lives.  They have saved, scrounged, and worked hard.  They will never be able to retire.  My sister has worked hard and put herself through law school.  Her job prospects are grim and her student loan debt is high.  Unfortunately many other American families are in even worse financial distress.  An entire generation is being lost as another is being forgotten.

I encourage anyone who is fed up with Wall Street to Join or start a local Occupy movement.  More and more people are getting involved everyday.  As the momentum for change grows stronger the voice of the people grows louder.  If you want to help change things for the better now is your chance.

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