Who, When, and Where … Occupy Norfolk

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across cities all over the U.S..  My home town Norfolk, Va is no exception.

People are tired of paying for Wall Street’s mistakes.  Even in a southern military town there is dissent.

Last week I was in attendance for a planning and logistics meeting for Occupy Norfolk.  Their de facto leader James McPherson has been doing a great job organizing protesters and spreading the message.

The following was taken directly from Occupy Norfolk’s Facebook page.

First Assembly and Information Session
Towne Point Park
Thursday 9am Oct 6th
We will be maintaining a presence in downtown Norfolk from that point. 

Those who wish to aide in the planning of this event have one last chance to do so.

Occupy Norfolk
Planning/Logistics Meeting
ODU Library Wed Night Oct 5th 1030pm
Open to Everyone. Please come and participate.

I urge anyone who lives in the Tidewater area to attend.

There are those that say the Occupy Wall Street movement lacks a central message.  They are wrong.  People are protesting because they are tired of having their wallets squeezed when they buy gasoline or groceries.  The people are fed up with predatory lending practices and draconian bank fees.  The people have had it with being priced out of higher education.

These Wall Street fat cats have had their hands in our pockets for far too long.  It’s time to return the American Dream to the masses.  When our voices are not heard in the voting booth we must take it to the streets.

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