NYPD Public Enemy #1

It ‘s no secret that there is no love lost between the Police and myself.  In the articles Rampant Police Misconduct  Police gone wild and New York cops behaving badly I have explored how police brutality is becoming standard procedure for departments across the country.  The NYPD is no exception and may actually be the most Gestapo like department in the U.S..

Recently we have seen them brutally suppress the Occupy Wall Street protests.  In the articles I loved you in Wall Street and Fried Bologna I wrote extensively about Anthony Bologna the NYPDs criminal suppression of the protest.

The amount of surveillance in NYC is astounding.  A person could walk from one end of  City to the other and never be off camera.

According to the MSNBC report Day of Destruction Decade of War “Privacy guidelines don’t allow the cops to look into individual apartments, but with the technology they have it is possible.”  Personally I don’t trust the NYPD or any other police force with this kind of surveillance technology.  The NYPD can’t even be trusted with pepper spray let alone surveillance helicopters.  The report goes on to describe the NYPDs $100 million dollar command center that monitors over 1700 cameras. The Police supposedly erase data after 30 days according to privacy guidelines.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has described the NYPD this way “It is a para-military organization.  It is run like a para-military organization.  It’s not a democracy within that organization.  I am where democracy interacts with the para-military organization.”  When I hear words like this I am reminded of Judge Dredd’s mantra “I am the law!”

We are now seeing clashes between the NYPD and Occupy Wall Street protesters.  This is clearly the result of a para-military force being sent to suppress peaceful protesters.  New York City needs a regular municipal police force to keep the peace during these protests, not jack booted, goose stepping, gestapo thugs.

Unfortunately this is not the first time this year that American citizens were denied their right to protest.  The following is an expert from the article Battle for Britain

Last month authorities in San Fransisco shut down cell phones in an effort to quell a protest.  They weren’t trying to prevent violence or looting.  Bay Area Rapid Transit officials shut down cell phone service at several stations in order to quiet the voice of the people.  The post rampant police misconduct details how Officer Johannes Mehserle shot an unarmed Oscar Grant in the back.  This is what people were attempting to protest before their right to dissent was cut off by the police.

If we do not act soon we will be waking up from the American Dream and entering an Orwellian nightmare.  24 hour surveillance and suppression of dissent are not what our founding fathers had in mind.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

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