Chinese Democracy and the American Peso

As our economy and influence wanes power is migrating to the east.  By now most Americans realize how dire the situation is. As we export less and less while simultaneously printing more money, the world is finding out that our promises are empty.  A lack of faith in our economy is not limited to us.  The whole world is beginning to have their doubts.  Our debtors the PRC are not happy.  My father used to say we will never go to war with the Chinese.  According to him “It’s too profitable for them to do business with us, and war is bad for business.”

Unfortunately it is no longer profitable for the Chinese to do business with us.  To make matters worse it is highly profitable for American businesses to work with the Chinese.  This means that the only thing we are exporting to China are our jobs, and the only thing we are importing from them is human misery.  To have balanced trade we must actually build things here in the States.  Only then can our economy recover.

Eventually we will have factories again.  When the dollar becomes the new American Peso, there will be plenty of cheap labor available in the U.S.A..  At that time we will become re industrialized.  If this happens we will all see our standard of living drop off dramatically.  It’s not too late to fix things.  We can invest in emerging technologies now and have a leg to stand on later.  Remember America there is a higher cost for plastic crap from China than you think.  It will cost you your job and your way of life.

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