Anarchy in the UK

Anarchy in the UK.  It came today definitely.  On Thursday August 3rd, London Police shot and killed Mark Duggan, 29.  According to an unidentified eye witness interviewed by the London Evening Standard “About three or four police officers had both men pinned on the ground at gunpoint.  They were really big guns and then I heard four loud shots. The police shot him on the floor.”  That Saturday night a mob of 300 people assembled outside of the Tottenham Hale police station.  After the authorities dispatched riot officers and mounted police the crowd went wild.  The police were met with bottles, fireworks, and other missiles.  The crowd also set two police cars on fire.   The mood was already dour in the UK, as the entire EU has been in flames for months.  The Slaying of Mark Duggan was the spark that finally set things off, and plunged London into chaos.

Posted in the video below is shocking footage of rioters overwhelming police.

I fear that this is all it will take to finally engulf the UK in an Orwellian nightmare.  It has been said that you could walk across London without ever being off camera.  Making matters worse, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is using these riots as an excuse to justify tyranny.  According to Cameron “Britain is considering a raft of new measures related to crowd control, gang membership and social-media communications, in an effort to prevent a repeat of rioting and looting that exploded across the country this week.”  Frankly this scares the hell out of me.  Britain and the US have a special relationship.  If tyranny becomes precedent in the UK, it won’t be long before it takes hold here.

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