Arrested Development

By now all of you know that our government loves to waste money.  If it’s not on 24 hour surveillance or incessant warfare, then the money is used to incarcerate millions of Americans.  When we don’t have enough money to pay for medicare, schools, or social security why are we wasting resources locking so many people up?  I like to spend time talking about how we can get out of this huge pile of national debt.  A good start would be to release and or dramatically reduce the sentences for non violent offenders.

In 2006, our government spent $68,747,203,000 locking up about 2 million people.  With a 150 billion dollar budget shortfall staring us in the face, we may need to re evaluate why we are locking people up.  Even China doesn’t incarcerate as many people as the U.S.  When we are strapped for cash do we really need to send marijuana dealers to prison for 5 years?  It is time to face up to the fact that the war on drugs has failed, and even if we wanted to there is no way to keep it up.

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One Response to Arrested Development

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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