Burn at the Wick

There was a time when Uncle Sam had money to burn.  There was also a time when the Roman Empire could wage wars and occupy territory all over the known world.  Sadly, the Romans went bankrupt.  When they disappeared, they took down the entire continent of Europe with them.  The American Empire is just as militarized as its Roman predecessor.  As stated many times on this blog, the U.S. has a military presence in over 100 nations across the globe.  Exacerbating the situation, we are currently embroiled in 5 active conflicts throughout the Middle East.  The question is; what will happen if the American Empire crumbles?  Will the world be plunged into another dark ages?

The current financial crisis in Washington is a good indicator of the fiscal cost of America’s military strength.  It is now painfully obvious to everyone that waging massive combat operations is cost prohibitive.  In lieu of raising the debt ceiling, we could scale back our military just a little.  Our leaders may find it necessary to withdraw troops and close bases overseas.  Regardless of how much we raise the debt ceiling, if we continue to amass debt and devalue our currency we will no longer be capable of paying the Military anyway.  If we don’t cut back on defense a little bit now, there may be no defense later.

We could bring our service members home and put them to work on our weakened and decaying infrastructures.  Imagine how much less it would cost to bring the military home and have them rebuild some bridges or roadways.  Rebuilding our transportation grid would dramatically lower the cost of shipping goods and could have a hand in revitalizing the economy.  Although it is easier to destroy than to create, we must stop being involved in deadly and costly conflict.  The time has come for us to band together as a people and build some bridges.

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