Part of the Solution

Back in June, I conducted an interview with Cindy Sheehan under the post Lost in a Garden of Stone.  She said something that has stuck with me ever since “Bring our personnel and tax dollars back home to strengthen our economy and create jobs in green technology, not killing technology.”  I believe that this is the only way to save our country.  We currently have a U.S. military presence in over 100 countries.  We are engaged in five simultaneous conflicts in Iraq,  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and Yemen.  These expenditures are extremely costly in terms of human life and capital.

Imagine if we were to invest our personnel and money into green technologies.  We could simultaneously re-industrialize America, and clean up the environment.  This is certainly a win win situation.  The time to get in on the ground level with green technologies is now.  If the United States drags it’s heels on these emerging technologies, we will not be able to compete with other nations such as China.  We have an opportunity and a responsibility to be world leaders in sustainable and clean technology.

It’s not too late to turn things around.   It’s time for America to become a lean mean green machine.  The Blue Scholar Blog wants to know what you think.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

2 Responses to Part of the Solution

  1. Megan Young says:

    Green is the only solution.

  2. rosalie pinkard says:

    This makes a lot of sense!

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