With Liberty and Justice for All


I would like to start off by proudly recognizing the state of New York for their recent advancement in the LGBT movement toward equal rights for all Americans.  Just a few days ago, aggressively supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York legalized the institution of same-sex marriage.  This is a very large step for all of us supporting the LGBT community. Being that New York is such a large and populous state, this vote has created an overflow of media coverage for the cause.  And with such media attention comes the hundreds of uninformed, bigoted naysayers.  It’s not all their fault though.  Most of them were fed these sexist ideas from an early age.  It’s all they know.  And most people are terrified of change.  Were we not terrified when we left England in search of freedom of religion?  Were we not terrified when woman were first able to vote?  Or even when churches started recognizing interracial marriages?  Change is the only constant.  There is no fight or argument strong enough to keep this from being true.

But, what about the Bible?  God says that homosexuality is wrong and is a punishable sin.  Wrong.  The Bible never endorses one form of marriage over another.  Adam and Eve is a story of creation, not a story of marriage.  They said no vows nor was there an exchange of rings.  Their relationship more resembles that of an arranged marriage; being the only two people on Earth and God forcing them to procreate with each other.  Even in Paul’s first Letter to the Corinthians 6:9 where he includes a laundry list of vices to include “male prostitutes and sodomites,” most people omit the other vices listed such as; “fornicators, adulterers, and idolaters.”  Paul is condemning all sexual deviances not just those of the same-sex variety. In Mark 10:11, Jesus even preaches to his people that those that are to divorce and remarry will be committing adultery, but that’s not stopping anyone.  Let’s look at some statistics from the Barna Report:


Divorce rates among various faith groups:

Baptists ……….34%                                    



Born-again Christians…….27%


Atheists, Agnostics………21%




Not to mention that the AP confirmed Barna’s results.  They analyzed divorce rate statistics from the US Census Bureau and found that the highest divorce rates are in fact found in the “Bible Belt.”  According to the Boston Globe, “The AP report stated that the divorce rate in these conservative states is roughly 50% above the national average. By comparison, states in the Northeast were among those with the lowest rates to include; Connecticut, Vermont, and New York.”  I always thought that in this country freedom of religion included freedom from religion.

This is not only a battle for our freedom of or from religion; it’s a clear matter of basic civil rights.  Did you know that same-sex partners cannot make any medical decisions for their partners in the case of an emergency?  If their partners are arrested they can be compelled to testify against them in a court of law, which a legally married couple would not be forced to do?  Families of same-sex couples can completely overturn wills, custody decisions; even seize real estate property being purchased together in the event one of the partners dies. Yet, all over the world couples are being forced into marriage to secure business deals, military personnel are marrying to receive added benefits and illegal immigrants are marrying to be able to stay in our country.  Who’s to stop LGBT’s from marrying a person of the opposite sex?  But, God forbid they should marry another, whom they actually love, who they want to profess this love to in front of  God, friends, and family, and their legal state of residence will not allow this.  Under the 14th Amendment, it states that all persons are entitled to equal protection of the law, and it makes no exceptions for gays.  So, if we are entitled to special treatment for being married, under the 14th Amendment, same-sex couples are due those same treatments. With liberty and justice for all…right?

One Response to With Liberty and Justice for All

  1. This is a step in the right direction. America needs to get with the times, and afford the LGBT community the same rights as everyone else.

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