Romney Unemployed

On June 16th, during a Tampa, FL campaign stop, GOP presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney was quoted as saying “I should tell my story, I’m also unemployed.”  Much like the unemployed group he was speaking to Romney does not have a job, however he is independently wealthy.  I find it in poor taste for a man worth $200 million dollars to compare himself to unemployed citizens.  Mitt also said “I wish I had a job for everybody, I may be unemployed for longer than I’d like.”  Somehow I don’t think Mr. Romney will have any trouble paying his bills if he doesn’t secure the 2012 presidential election.

In the video below the audience is laughing with Romney when they should be laughing at him.

Romney’s jobs record is a sick joke.  When he was governor of Massachusetts his state placed 47th out of 50 for job growth.  Adding insult to injury he also had a reputation during the 80s for being a Wall Street shark.  Ray Buckley the Democratic Party chairman of New Hampshire had this to say regarding Mitt Romney “He was a corporate raider who often made companies profitable, not by helping them perform better but by simply laying off employees and killing jobs.”

It looks like Mitt is taking his queues from Gordon Gekko.  The Romney campaign may need to change their slogan to “greed is good”.

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