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In 2011 our economy is suffering greatly.  This year we find ourselves embroiled in far too many conflicts around the world.  To add insult to injury we have also dismantled our industry and sent our manufacturing jobs overseas.  Conventional warfare is a great substitute for an industrial base. Unfortunately protracted warfare of any kind is more costly that any taxable revenue derived from said conflict. This is especially true where guerrilla warfare is concerned.  In the past decade we have had troops on the ground all over the Middle East.  Combine this with a US military presence in over 100 nations and we have a real crisis on our hands.

In the last 10 years we have spent a trillion dollars on the Iraqi conflict alone.  To put this into perspective if you spent a million dollars a day for the past 2,000 years you still would not have spent a trillion dollars.  What have we gained for our expenditure?  The “free Iraqi people” have elected  a regime that we did not want in the first place.  Nouri al-Maliki is most definitely a dictator not unlike his predecessor.  Heavy handed tactics of this new regime include using live ammunition on protestors and arresting intellectuals.  In my eyes the entire Iraqi conflict was a waste as the nation is now in worse shape than before we invaded.

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